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So here I am again…and not totally ‘back’ yet from my trip. Not mentally, not even physically, really. But I’ll spare you all of the whineyness, since the only one that really understands it is me. One thing I find whenever I come back from Barbados in particular, is that my irritation-level rises like, seven-hundred-milllion percent. Mainly because I never want to leave that place. Never ever ever.

Right. So keeping that in mind, back to my usual transit stories…

I guess being away for 2 weeks, I somehow forgot about the huge amount of niceness that just oozes from my fellow transit riders. Surprisingly, today there was quite a bit of standing space and I was definitely excited about that. So there I am, sort of swaying back and forth with the pole (seriously there was that much room today), listening to my ipod and daydreaming contently with my personal space. At the next stop a seat opened up just to the left of me.

Sweeeeet. Today is definitely going to be a good day.

Somewhere in between those two thoughts, a troll/hobbit-like man managed to slither half way across the train and plopped himself into the my seat before I had time to register what was happening. Therefore, I ended up perched on his knee, which, you know, was not my choice seating arrangement. Eww. His knee was boney and he smelled like dirt, which led me to throw up in my mouth a little. I sprung off so quickly in disgust, I practically threw myself on top of the people sitting across the aisle. They were okay with it though, because I could tell they were experienced with transit seat etiquette and shot Troll Man dirty looks along with me. But like many other things, to some people I imagine it’s a bit like rocket science, otherwise jerks like Troll Man would get it too.

If I’m in a bending position ready to squish myself in that little red seat, don’t slide in under me like some kind of bushy eyebrowed David Copperfield wannabe and snatch my score. Especially in the a.m. Ya know? I mean, come on. Thems fightin’ words…..er….actions. One of these days, Hobbit Man, the wrong person is going to sit on your knee and that will be the end of it. All I ask is that you save me a front row seat.

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I arrived home early Friday morning from beautiful Barbados. All I can say at this moment is that the trip was everything I wanted and more, and I am sooooo incredibly sad to be back. But such as everything else in my life, I’ll get over it. So when I am ready, stories will follow.

Although I didn’t get in until 2am and was somehow puttering along on 1.5 hours sleep from the night before, I had to work in the morning. I have no idea how I managed to drag my sunkissed butt there, but I did it. Go me, go. I didn’t accomplish much, other than a skim through the 75 emails that were waiting for me to get back. Boooo. Then I dragged myself back to the clinic re: the funky neck thang. So once again I waited and waited, and eventually passed out in the doc’s room. No energy for a tongue suppressor popsicle stick house with a garage add-on this time. So the doc told me my iron is incredibly low bla bla bla, which I already knew, but at least that eases my mind. I went home after that and threw some jeans on (because yes, even though it’s nice here, I’m freezing my island bum off). So I’m strolling to the store, bouncing to some reggae, and I noticed some smiles and weird looks from the people I passed. I thought,

‘Hrmmm… Maybe Toronto is turning a new leaf? Niceness and smiles? Maybe this won’t be so bad.’

Nope. Wrong again. Turns out my fly was all the way down and the bright pink underwear I was sporting stood out nicely against my dark jeans. Yep. Go figure. It never fails. I’m back in full swing, Toronto.

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