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Save a wave, ride a surfer

Ahhhh Barbados. Where do I start? I could quite possibly go on for hours (or so I’m told). Remember, I’m in love with the place. Random memories will just have to do.

On my last visit, my mum thought it would be a fantastic idea to keep track of the lines thrown at us by the boys of Barbados. The incident that led to this decision went something like this:

We’re driving to the airport to pick up my friend (I went a couple days before). It’s tradition (my mum’s mostly), to have a nice cold bottle of Banks beer (mmm so yummy) for the arrivee to kick back on the drive back to the house. She even has her own special bottle opener for the car. Ironically, my mum doesn’t drink, but is always stocked just in case someone else wants to. Not this time though, so we make a pit stop to the gas station.

Note: Apparently drinking in the car on this island is not illegal. Also, you can pay with a cheque at the gas station. Ya, seriously. Mostly because you can pretty much tell where someone lives by their license plate, and it’s an island where everyone knows everyone with only so many places to hide.

Right. So anyhoo, I jump out and head for the door. There’s a dude sitting outside, I pass him, and get a “Mmmmmm.” I’m used to this here, it’s harmless. I do my thing, come back out and get another “Mmmmmm” and then, while licking his lips, dude says,

“Mmmmm pastey white like vanilla ice cream….Mmmmm.”

Now that’s something I’ve never been referred to. I hop back in the car and burst out laughing, and take breaks just long enough to tell my mum what he said. And the idea was born.

It became a mission to see what kind of silly lines we could get. I must admit, we came across some originality and cheesiness at it’s best. We brought the little book to the beach, bars, clubs, grocery stores (for real, it happens everywhere)…here’s a little taste:

“I’ll explore you like a map.”

We went to an international surfing competition where I won the ‘shake it’ contest but that’s a story for another time. The tent staff wore shirts that said, “Save a wave, ride a surfer.” As my friend and I laughed at the slogan, we got,

“Save a wave, rider a surfer? You can ride my wave baby, it never breaks.”

Each morning, my mum read the little book, coffee in hand, like it was the newspaper.

We met Mr. Cool at one of the bars. No for real, that’s how he introduced himself and added,

“I’m a hotel honey, but I only take 2 for 1,” and also, “I’m gunna tell all of my friends that you are off limits, cuz Mr. Cool has his eyes on you.”

We took a catamaran cruise (not a good idea to do hung over) and one of the staff talked about how once a girl walked right off the boat, and he had to jump in and save her. So my friend asks,

“So if I fell off the boat, you would save me right?”

He says, “Oh baby, I would save you for later.”

My friend almost got busted writing this one down on the boat. I tried to warn her, I did…. but, she covered well with saying it was for ‘business’ which honestly makes no sense, especially since this book is lime green with a massive fluorescent pink flower on the front.

We got a lot of the usual cheesiness, “Girl, I’m like your genie and you rub me the right way”….”Your laugh makes my nipples freeze,” you know, the usual. Ha ha.

There’s much more where that came from, but it is much more entertaining with actions and imitations, I promise. It was definitely an entertaining experience, and I must say I’m quite impressed with the boys of Barbados ability to make us constantly laugh and smile.

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