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Wow.  You can cut the tension with a knife in this drama dungeon.  I’m okay with it though, since it has nothing to do me, and the events that led to it were somewhat entertaining, on an otherwise boring ass hell of a day.  I was really hoping for some UFC action, but instead I suppose I’ll settle for moody, confrontational bitching. 

As per one of my coworkers, ‘Holy foul moods, Batman!’

For serious. A few of us have been emailing each other back and forth re: current drama (in between some thumb twiddling and ‘looking busy’ of course).  I mean, god forbid you experience occasional technological issues in job that deals solely with technology.  Oh, the horror.    

I’m patiently waiting for the drama to resurface, so a) I have some more to write about, and b) I don’t fall asleep at my desk and drool all over my laptop.  Come on. Give errrrrr.  

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not really one for violence, but I’ve been anticipating this clash for some time now, and I would like to see it play out before I bust free of this circus.  I won’t go into great detail about the culprit, but let me just say, if I was that person’s superior, I wouldn’t let that kind of whiney selfish disrespect just slide. But hey, who am I to judge? This person doesn’t just cross the line, but instead, flies past it like a torpedo.  News flash! That will get you nowhere fast.  I don’t know, I mean, I have tons of issues with tons of things, but I always feel it’s best to deal with things professionally, especially in work circumstances.  But hey, that’s just me, right?

Anyhoo. I’m sure you’re all just as bored as me after reading something that really has no relevance to  you.  But I really can’t figure what else to do with myself at the moment.  So, therefore, you suffer…  and/or you have already stopped skimming over this. 

In the meantime an interesting random tidbit:

Last night a few of us took up the offer of free holiday drinks and appetizers.  One dude, who has barely muttered two words in the past three months blurted out how he once, back in the day, stole a taxi after a night of partying.  Not only did he take the taxi, but he picked up a passenger and collected the fare. Haha.  Jesus.  

To be continued… I hope.

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