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So, I started a new job this week, which means a brand spanking new transit route.  Oh, and what a route it is: bus, subway, another subway, and another bus.  It doesn’t take as long as I anticipated though, so that’s definitely some great news. Another plus: I’m now travelling opposite of downtown, which means I pretty much get a seat every time.  Wowzers!  That is something I’ve never experienced.  

I’ve already noticed some common subway/bus travellers, especially since the crowd is much smaller.  My first day I noticed two ghetto fabulous girlies on last bus before stopping at the office.  They are tiny little suckers, but their mouths combined are an explosion of vulgarity at its best. They get off at a stop in front of a credit/collections agency, so I imagine their language comes in handy.

Yesterday they were on the bus again, and for whatever reason, the bus driver decided to take a pause before he left the station.  Well, this was not okay with Team Ghetto Fabulous.  The team was sitting at the front of the bus, and I was close to the back, ipod blasting with sweet tunage as usual.  Team Ghetto Fabulous started to freak out when they realized that the bus wasn’t moving.  They were so loud that I could hear almost every word without adjusting the volume of my ipod.  Mostly what I caught was,

‘I dun gave a fuck bout y’all rulez and schedulez. Shit. Jus drive de damn bus, yo.’

Many more entertaining vulgar remarks followed.  Damn, Team Ghetto Fabulous is not one to mess with.

Mental note taken. 

So new job, new embarassing stories. Go me, go.  So far things have been good, other than yesterday  I accidently opened a door that hit blind man, because I didn’t see him coming.  

Ironic? Yes.  

Surprising? For me, no.  

These types of random experiences are as normal to me as breathing.  I suppose everyone else will just have to get used to it.  

Onward I stumble……

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