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So, again, In Ether has pointed out something that I’ve also realized myself lately.  Just yesterday I mentioned to a friend how my entries have tamed down quite a bit.  How could that be?

Is it because I’m a temporary escapee from a city that I sometimes loathe?


Is it because I’ve managed to avoid an apparently treacherous winter?

Most likely.

Is it because I’m living on an island that I love?


It’s so foreign to me to write about happiness and all things related to it.  I can’t poke fun at happiness. I can’t tell it to F off.  I can’t smother it with sarcasm. I can’t yell at it.  I can’t point out all of its faults.

Well, I suppose I could do these things, but that would be some bad karma right there.   So instead, I sit here wondering why I am not all too disturbed with things that would otherwise bother me.

Like the fact that my shower has been broken for two days now.  My mom, aka The Incredible Hulk, managed to pull the knob right out of the wall.  In her defense, the thing was already broken and on it’s last legs, but I still found it pretty humourous.

Yet, if this happened to me back home, I’m pretty sure I would have blown my gasket by now.

I won’t even describe to you how I don’t exactly smell like a bouquet of roses, or how my hair gives the impression of being wet… but yet, it’s not.  Mind you, I haven’t left the house, and don’t plan to, until I am properly cleansed.


So uhm, help me out here people.  This ‘happy’ business is new to me.  I’m sure I’ll be back to my normal self once I move back home, but for now… I’m a little lost.

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So the day has finally come.  And what a sweet day, indeed.  My countdown is complete, and I have finally made it to my favourite destination.  

Ahhh… Barbados.  

My flight etc was rather uneventful, which is a plus, since generally I travel on Air Canada, US Airways or American Airlines and it’s always hell.  West Jet, however, you are my saviour.  So much so, that you even got us there early.  

Please pause, as I bow down to West Jet….




It really didn’t hit me until I got off the plane.  I walked down the steps onto the runway and felt the warm breeze through my hair.  

Warm. Breeze.  

Wow.  Those two words are so much sexier than wind chill.  

As I tried to gather my carry on luggage and winter coat in an acceptable fashion, I wondered why my face was twitching.  

Then it hit me.  That twitch, my friends, was a smile.  

What?!  She’s actually happy?  

Yes indeedy.  I forgot what happiness felt like.  And this is it.  Seriously.  I am absolutely in love with this island.  Like how you feel when you’re in a relationship.   That kind of love.

I forgot about that feeling… the last time I had it was July, which was the last time I was here.  It’s like a switch goes off and all the stress and negativity disappears.  The feeling increases even more when I realize I’m not just here for a few weeks, but four months.  



Is it crazy that I have a human being relationship with an entire geographical land mass?  


But I don’t care.  It’s full blown true love.  Heaven.  

Now please excuse me as slip into my flip flops and sit my ass on the wrap around porch filled with palm trees, aloe plants and birds of paradise.  It’s time to suck back my third Banks Beer, feel the warm breeze on my face and watch the planes take off overhead.  


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