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I’m definitely not a morning person.  People that know me are well aware of that fabulous characteristic.  It’s best not to speak to me until I’ve had at least one grande americano.  Yum.  

Anyhoo, my morning started off with some irritation on the subway. Nothing new there.  

Please, someone enlighten me:

Why, oh why, must people that speak foreign languages scream at each other?


Even when they are sitting so close they’re practically attached.  Come on, now.  

It’s a serious question.  

Can you understand each other better if you scream at the top of your lungs?  

Do you just want other people to know that you can speak another language?  

Do you want people to think what you are saying is more important?

Is it a conspiracy? 

Is it?

I do not understand this phenomenon.  I really don’t.  

Why does the volume decibel increase ten fold?


I pondered these very questions this morning as two women who sat beside me literally blew my eardrums out.  I was trying so hard to concentrate on my book, but you know, it was pretty much impossible. I would have moved seats if there was an open one, but rush hour had other plans.    

Qu’est-ce que le fuck?

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