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So, get this.

I finally gave my notice the other day at work.

Weeeeee! Now I can gloat proudly and openly.


Anyhoo, I was hired through a temp agency.  It was my first time going that route, and will definitely be my last, if I can help it.  I always felt the agency was a joke. They were never really clear on details, I never received any kind of hand/rule book, which resulted in me calling them a million times to find out very basic information, such as, when I get paid and so on. I also called once asking if they can place me somewhere other than my current location, thinking, hmmm, I don’t know, that’s their job.


Instead I got the third degree, and never heard back about any sort of effort in placing me elsewhere. This royally pissed me off, among other things.

Okay, getting to the point, I swear it.

So, after I gave my notice, my creative director called the agency to get them started on finding my replacement <insert evil laugh here>.

At some point yesterday a coworker pulled me aside and told me to come and read an email.  The email gave some detail about the agency and stated that they had found his resume on Workopolis, and that he might be interested in a proofreading/graphic design position at so and so location.

It just so happens that my coworker is with the same agency, and… surprise! they already placed him at that location, which he has been at for months, as a…

Wait for it…

Graphic designer.


I mean, they are the ones that administer his pay cheque every week. That’s organizational skills at its best. Really. Don’t they keep track of these things?  Don’t they have a database? Or at the very least, an excel spread sheet?

Wow, what a concept.  Rocket science, that must be it.

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