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“Houston, we have a…”

“Roger.  What do you have?”

“Uh… we have a… er… rocket launcher?”

Okay.  So get this…

The part of the porch I sit on while I funnel sip back my beer and have a smoke, looks onto my back neighbour’s yard.  The yard is pretty large in Barbados terms. Apparently, there used to be a big tree right at the fence. They had to cut it down though, assuming it was interfering with their satellite signal.  I assume this because, well, it looks as though they may have steady contact with Mars.  

For serious.  

I can’t stop laughing at this thing.  It literally takes up the majority of the yard.  It’s totally make-shift and points right at me.  It looks like a prop from the movie Contact.

For real.  

To top it off, there’s more than one. But this one is definitely the main attraction. I’m going to take a wild guess and say that they collected all of the parts over time, and eventually constructed this massive space object.  

There’s a million wires crisscrossing every which way that connect to the rocket launcher.  There are little metal things on the wires, connecting some of them together. There’s about bunch of rusty poles keeping it steady, which are based in rusty drum barrels.  Also, there’s a block of cement that has a little black box with sticks pointing out of it.  There are balls on the ends of the sticks, and they spin ’round and ’round with the breeze.  Oh, and let’s not forget the random metal boxes that are duct taped to the poles.  

Their dog, Spike (I don’t know if that’s his name yet, but he looks like a ‘Spike’ to me), won’t go near it.  As I sit and stare in awe, I wonder if they actually get any channels.

It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if they didn’t, but were just too lazy to demolish the thing.  

Or, maybe they actually view it as a work of art.  

You think?  

I wonder if they’re proud of the mighty rocket launcher.  

I wonder if that’s where the Barbados version of Larry the Cable Guy lives.  

I wonder why they need four other antenna creations along with the rocket launcher.  

I wonder if they highjacked some building and just stole it off the roof.  

I can totally imagine them doing that and driving down the unmarked roads in the sugar cane fields, holding the rocket launcher steady on the hood of the car with one hand, while pounding back a beer with the other.  


Anyhoo, I promise to have a pic pronto, but as of now the sun has already set and I’m afraid I’ll either,

a) Piss off Spike with the flash,

b) Piss of the neighbours with the flash, or

c) Unintentionally set off some random trigger that launches the rocket straight for my head… with the flash.

Until then, Godspeed!

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